How To Change Truck as A Asset to be Truck as A Service

This is the way for solution for lack of capital !

To deal with the development of today’s digital age, the high market expectations, while the truck business requires capital in the form of truck assets, it is very unlikely to develop this business by increasing capital by buying truck assets, then with digital this can be a solution without the need for assets.

As we know, the most pain point of Truck Business is Lack of Capital, especially in Indonesia. This is proven, that the truck business is still rarely floored on the stock market

These include:

Economic landscape and forecast
Automotive and fleet car markets
Funding methods and available suppliers
Legislation and taxation covering company cars
Future outlook for fleet management
Tips and advice from country experts
Case studies of corporate fleets

Of the individual markets, the guide says that China is clearly the largest new car market and has a very complex fleet market. With 34 administrative provinces, volatile taxation and cluster of mega-cities, harmonization of fleet management in China is seen as “a challenge”.

The guide also says that fleet management in India is characterized by a preference for buying vehicles, although outsourcing and car leasing are both starting to take off. Driver behaviours and safety are also both big issues.

Of the other markets, South Korea has a stable economy driven by technology, while Thailand is seen as following the path to an increased fleet maturity. Malaysia, meanwhile, is an attractive hub for fleet management in South East Asia, and in Indonesia, professional fleet management is still on the starting blocks.

The guide, which has been produced with the support of LeasePlan, also includes case studies of global fleet managers, Chris Tinajero of Ericsson and Axel Ernst of Syngenta, who both share insights into aspects of fleet management in Asia. And Nick Salkeld, chief commercial officer at LeasePlan, explains why Asia is both an interesting and challenging fleet management region.

Caroline Thonnon, Global Fleet CEO and head of business development, said: “Our new Guide to Fleet Management in Asia is essential reading for fleet decision-makers who want to achieve a greater insight into the main fleet markets of six major countries in the region.

“Our 2016 Global Fleet Survey showed that for today’s fleet managers, Asia is the region where they have the least information and where they want to increase their knowledge the most.

“It’s little wonder. Asia is a gigantic continent with a jigsaw puzzle of different countries, of which many are at the start of the road to fleet management professionalism. With our Global Fleet expertise platform, we provide information and expertise on the various emerging markets in Asia. “Now, alongside this, the new Global Fleet Guide offers an insight into the company car markets and fleet management situation in six key countries – all different with unique positions in terms of fleet market, taxation and regulation and the outlook for fleet management.

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